Our rustic wood check presenter has it’s own natural grace, skilfully handcrafted to hold your customer’s check, receipt, pen for signing, after-dinner mints, and your waiter’s tip.  It’s a unique modern way to present your patrons with the bill, and definitely makes that last connection with an elegant and classy touch.

With internal dimensions measuring 6.5 x 4 inches and a 3/4 inch depth, it’s suitably constructed for a professional end of meal presentation. It’s perfect for keeping cash tips and payments out of sight in high traffic restaurants and bars.

Wooden Box Check Presenter handcrafted from walnut and custom engraved with your logo.
Walnut Wooden Box Check Presenter, a classy modern touch for an end of meal presentation of the bill.

Our rustic style check presenter is a lidded box constructed of birch ply-wood and engraved with your text and logo.  While the rustic style is trending in the restaurant scene, this is a completely unique way to incorporate that look into another aspect of your service.

Rustic Bill Box for presenting restaurant check
Rustic Wooden Check Presenter – A modern idea for presenting your patrons with the bill in a unique provincial manner.

We offer a wide selection of wood types to compliment your restaurant decor.  From dark walnut to rich amber cherry or light and natural white ash, your logo will stand out beautifully when deeply engraved on the lid of our bill boxes.

Wooden bill presentation box
Present your restaurant guests their check, conveniently stored with pen and after-dinner mints in our elegant bill box.

Visit our Etsy shop to see what we can craft for you, we look forward to developing a product with you that perfectly concludes your guests dining experience.

Shop for this Chef's Emporium item at Etsy
Shop for this item at Etsy
Oak Wooden Check Presentation Box
Our oak check presentation box is an unusual and unexpected way to present guests with the check. Our presentation box cleverly holds the bill, pen for signing and mints.

Or email us at info@chefsemporium.net, we look forward to being of service to you.